Allure Bride Magazine, Spring 2005

Get Glowing

Unless your name is Pamela Anderson and you're getting married in a bikini, you can be too tan. "Deeply bronzed skin can look unnatural or orange against the white dress," says a Los Angeles based salon owner. The new customized self-tanning treatments, applied with an airbrush, produce a soft golden hue without making skin too dark. "Airbrushing yields the finest mist possible and a technician has more control over how and where it's sprayed than a machine booth or your own two hands." It fills in tan lines, covers streaks, and gets hard-to-reach areas." An airbrush tan also acts like a coat of makeup by evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Airbrush treatments, like all tanners, are best applied no less than 48 hours before the wedding to keep them from rubbing off on your dress-or bikini, if you're so inclined.